Jasa Translator CN-ID (Novel)


Translating novel's in a week (7 days), can do revision for 2 days.


Providing in Microsoft words document or Google Docs (as per request)


The translation fee is Rp 80.000,- / 2000个字 (Chinese characters)not including "number" example: 1, 2, 3, ....

Harga Paket

Translator Novel CN to ID

Translating Chinese language Novel

  • 2 Revisi

Waktu Pengerjaan 7 Hari

IDR 80,000

Kebijakan Pembatalan

  • Cancellations can be granted based on discussions that have been agreed together
  • If the order is canceled by one party/by one side (especially from the buyer) then the buyer is required to provide:
  • - 1 week prior to submission of translated documents subject to a 0% penalty.
  • - 5 days in the progress of making a translate document (translation documents have not been submitted) subject to a 40% penalty.
  • After submitting the translate documents the buyer is required to pay in full in accordance with the amount of Chinese characters that must be paid and agreed based on the beginning of the discussion conducted before placing an order
  • All of the above conditions are subject to change based on the agreement made by the seller and buyer before placing an order.


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chinese interpreter and translator
  • From KOTA SALATIGA, Jawa Tengah
  • Member Since Jan 2020

for 3 years, I taught Chinese as a second language for elementary school students, middle school students and high school students in an educational institution and course. I was reaching my new skills to handle many of the educational and entertainment event, advertising, public relationship, communication, educational planning and able to work as a creative person. I also have freelance experience until now as a Chinese language translator for novels, comics, articles, videos / clips and others.


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